Look at me. LOOK AT ME. I am the Substacker now.

What On Earth is This All About?

Pundits and pontificators and Influencers harp on and on about “The Culture Wars”, but few actual Artists are weighing in on the Art that said “culture” produces, and even fewer are truly challenging the status quo, despite their sincere belief that they are doing just that.

The State of the Arts is where disillusioned Artists and the disaffected laity alike can enjoy incisive, anti-establishment commentary that exists at the volatile nexus of Art, Entertainment, Culture, and Society.

A Career…this, nearly, was mine.

Ok…But Why Should I Listen to You?

I’m a former illustrator and amateur battle rapper turned professional actor and singer, who earned his MFA from America’s greatest Acting conservatory, and I’ve put in two decades of work on stage and on screen.

But because my life makes no sense, I’ve recently become famous for NOT BEING ALLOWED to perform.

That is talent.

Most Impressive! What’ll You Give Me?

I offer you weekly witticisms on stories that weave together Culture, Politics, and Current Events from a classically Liberal perspective.

You’ll also be notified whenever there’s a new audio episode of my show, The Clifton Duncan Podcast, which features a sizzling array of fascinating people, from dreamy best-selling author Douglas Murray, to Greek classicist Victor Davis Hanson, YouTube sensation The Critical Drinker, and more!

Lastly, as I piece together the shards of my shattered career (and life), you’ll be able to stay up-to-date and in the know on any upcoming shows, performances, or other projects I happen to be involved in!

Incroyable! What If I Give You Money?

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Fret not: for those who upgrade to a paid subscription will be able to listen to me bring my articles to life, performed by yours truly, in my sultry baritone voice (exactly how I envisioned myself applying my incredibly expensive Masters of Fine Arts degree).

Your support will also enable me to fund my other endeavors, such as growing my YouTube channel, recording albums (fun fact: I sing and I rap), writing books, and developing other new projects.

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